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Seeyousound 9

On the occasion of the 9th edition of Seeyousound – International music film festival, Gianluca Iadema presents an audiovisual version of his latest artwork “ever.rave” at Cinema Massimo in Turin (Italy).

Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2024

Gianluca Iadema will be part of this year Barcelona Gallery Weekend, showcasing an array of new pieces in a solo exhibition at Suburbia Contemporary. From sculptures to videos, drawings, and installations, the work delves into the intersection of music, mathematics, and architecture within a conceptual framework rooted in self-referential proceduralism. Witness real systems come alive through fractal correlations and memory. The exhibition will be curated by Iole Pellion di Persano.

The Art Talk Magaine - Falling in love with Africa

Our director Stefano Pisci curated the latest issue of the magazine “The Art Talk”, anticipating our projects in the context of ICTAF (Investec Cape Town Art Fair), featuring numerous interviews with African and international artists, as well as gallerists and curators.

Zone Digitali 2023

On the occasion of Zone Digitali (Bergamo, IT) organized by MIDI Motori Digitali, Gianluca Iadema presents an audiovisual version of his latest artwork “ever.rave”, alongside the artist collective and Collectif Scale.

Open Studio during Artissima Fair in Turin

During Artissima Fair 2023, Studio Gianluca Iadema opens its door in a temporary space in Via Sineo 16, in Turin (Italy). A week full of art, talks and meeting between artists, musiscians, collectors and gallereist, where Gianluca Iadema will show his latest works.

Suburbia Contemporary & Loop Festival 2023

On November 9, 2023, starting at 6 pm, a new intervention by the composer and multimedia sound artist, Gianluca Iadema will be showcased. The young Italian author comes to the Catalan capital to present “Un_i[n]verso” within the framework of LOOP Barcelona. It consists of an immersive installative project that has also been specifically adapted for the Suburbia Contemporary gallery. It combines sound, video, iron sculptures, lights, and shadows; elements that will shape this site-specific installation.

Klang festival 2023

On the occasion of Klang festival 2023 in Copenhagen (Denmark) Gianluca Iadema will present, in collaboration with the performer Lorenzo Colombo, his latest work “ever.rave”, a multimedia performance.

ID[entità] - Album review on Sentire e Ascoltare

“In the first section ID[entità] the dizzying vocal improvisations are frozen and immolated on a canapé of glitch sizzle and static electricity that explores the limits of the sound spectrum: the results renew the memory of Berio and Maderna ‘s experiments with the great Cathy Berberian. In the second part id[ENTITA’], the sound expands and takes up all the space, becoming majestic: drones written in capital letters, positioned between the most metaphysical Ligeti and a white noise that rebels against its shapelessness. Tough work but, for those who tackle it, rewarding.” (Alessandro Pagliani)


ID[entità] - Album review on Aural Aggravation

“It’s a unique and visionary work which pushes multiple boundaries at the same time. ID[entità] is not always an easy listen and it’s by no means immediate, but it is accomplished and utterly compelling.” (Christopher Nosnibor)

ID[entità] - Album review on Silence and Sound

ID[entità] blurs the boundaries and disturbs our senses, gliding over disturbingly gentle micro-tones, playing with the combinations and possibilities between sounds of antinomic origins yet perfectly harmonious. The melodies explode in labyrinths of unpredictability, fragile matter of mysterious beauty, echoes of tomorrows combining the unexpected and the indefinable. Superb.” (Roland Torres)

ID[entità] - Album review on Inactuelles

“A masterpiece of today’s electronic music. I don’t hide my initial preference for the second part, but the first one is increasingly captivating to me, and I now place it on the same level (for example, #2, astounding!): Franziska Baumann’s vocal performance is of a profoundly moving beauty, magnified by Gianluca Iadema’s work.”

Gianluca Iadema & Franziska Baumann - ID[entità]

The long collaboration between Gianluca Iadema and the Swiss artist Franziska Baumann culminated in the release of an album for voice and electronics titled “ID[entity]” on the record label Mille Plateaux, following Gianluca Iadema’s previous and first solo record release “Aphàiresis” for the same label.

Recontemporary presents "un_i[n]verso"

Recontemporary, the first space in Italy dedicated exclusively to new media art, presents “un_i[n]verso”, the first solo exhibition of the Italian artist Gianluca Iadema.

“To understand, or rather to hear Un_i[n]verso it is necessary, once again, to think of it in its totality: concretes and transparencies, visual and physical sculptures, silences, and sounds. Everything is part of everything, it’s container and content together, it transforms and shapes itself based on how other things move around. It is not possible, and I do not think it is right, to try to trace the fuse that gives rise to the fire, precisely because there is no hierarchy between the elements or an angle from which to look towards Un_i[n]verso. You have to walk a small road in Sanpietrini just below the Mole, cross the threshold of the tunnel, and let the sensations have the upper hand.” (Margherita Paglionico, on t-mag, )

Gianluca Iadema - Aphàiresis

Gianluca Iadema debuts on the record label Mille Plateaux with his first album “Aphàiresis,” a series of electronic music compositions extrapolated from the homonymous audiovisual work. An exploration around the theme of digital error, intertwining techno, glitch, and ambient nuances with a cinematic approach.

AI Forum 2023

The largest and most significant Italian event in the field of Artificial Intelligence for the business world returns, already in its fifth edition. Gianluca Iadema will intervene with a speech titled ‘Art is everything in between’ to highlight the potential of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in relation to the artistic field.

Gianluca Iadema's interview for Forbes Italia

Federico Morgantini interviews Gianluca Iadema on his current project and vision of the art world.

Lifestyle executive conference 2022

On the occasion of the presentation of the book “Il capitale decentralizzato” by Francesco Pagano and Pierangelo Soldavini edited by Il Sole24 Ore, Gianluca Iadema will intervene to talk about his artistic contribution to the publication.

Retail and Fashion Summit 2023

Invited by The Innovation Group, Gianluca Iadema will be a guest at the Retail and Fashion Summit 2023 (Milan, IT), to contribute regarding the relationship between artificial intelligence and art and the role that contracts like NFTs play today.

Festa dell'Opera & Teatro Grande di Brescia

On the occasion of Festa dell’Opera (Brescia, IT) organized by Teatro Grande di Brescia and curated by Linecheck, Gianluca Iadema presents an audiovisual version of his latest artwork “ever.rave”.