Studio Gianluca Iadema

Gianluca Iadema


ever.rave is a multimedia performance in the form of a deconstructed movie, for stereo sound diffusion, live electronics, multiple video projections, light, mirrors, laser, metal sculptures and one performer, working with multi-dimensionality, immersive and ergodic narratives, as well as artificial intelligence.


Klang Festival Copenhagen and Lorenzo Colombo


Multimedia – Music Theater


3ch video, 2ch sound and live electronics, 4 metal sculptures, laser, mirrors, light and one performer | 45’00”

Years of creation

2022 – 2023

ever.rave is a journey between the human consciousness and the subconscious in relation to the digital reality that mirrors its premises, dark sides, and contradictions. It is not about what we see but rather the relations between elements. More precisely it investigates the dream as the phenomena of fluid exchange between the phenomenological world, memory, imagination and the absurd, slowly building a hyperreality.
The stage becomes a metaphor for the brain, a space and a transposition of a mental projection. The human merges with the algorithms and artificial intelligence, thus creating a hybrid scenario, becoming an extension of the individual and its natural evolution. The algorithm is here understood also as an agent, subjected to diffractive reading, and connected to the broader concept of new materialism, especially regarding ontological questions and non-human agency. The human appears as a transfiguration of a digital entity, exploring the idea of machine emotion, acting on the human subconscious. At the same time, the human empathizes with the machine, thus adding a further level of interpretation to their relationship. Inspired by cubism, instead of having a single perspective, subjects and backgrounds are broken up, abstracted and depicted from multiple viewpoints.