Studio Gianluca Iadema

Gianluca Iadema

from, maybe to

From, maybe to is an extensive research and experimentation project culminating in the creation of various sculptures, aimed at investigating the natural algorithm through which self-similar processes of construction and dissolution manifest themselves in our memory via modules and their evolution.


sculpture, sound art


sculpture made using alluminium bars, piano componets and various music objects, and tin moulds of branches

Years of creation

2023 – 2024

The work delves into the intersection of music, visual art, mathematics, and architecture within a conceptual framework rooted in self-referential proceduralism. Gianluca Iadema’s memories become the one of the sculpture. It looks back at itself, it includes itself by identifying with itself when it finds itself, transcending itself. Time emerges out of Memory. This is done by the present moment being itself a memory and then taken as a memory and fed-back into the present moment. This way, the present moment is both itself as present and itself as past, and thus a feeling of a passage is obtained.