Studio Gianluca Iadema

Gianluca Iadema


ID[entità] offers a cycle of compositions for voice and electronics made between 2017 and 2021. The project stems from the collaboration between composer, performer, sound and multimedia artist Gianluca Iadema and Swiss vocalist, improviser-composer Franziska Baumann.

Published by

Mille Plateaux Edition


Acousmatic work | Album


2ch sound | 56’00”

Years of creation

2017 -2021

The compositional action begins by taking inspiration from the  sensitive improvisations of the Swiss artist, which are then reworked in an electronic context by Iadema. After his first album, “Aphàiresis”, the Italian artist composes for the electronic and the acoustic voice, searching for similarities and contrasts that take styles of glitch, techno, and pop music to the extreme. Far from melody and accompaniment, he composes an oscillating interplay of the acoustic and the electronic environment, morphing and sculpting the two realms as equal sound materials.
Rarefied moments, melodic outbursts reminiscent of Renaissance vocal music, and rave rhythms give rise to sonic textures embedded in a minimalist framework. The compositions are conceived in “spaces” rather than linear development, although an “ergodic” narrative is present. With a cubist approach, the spatially sculpted sounds transform into intimate moments and vice versa, thus allowing atmospheres to separate identity and non-identity.