Studio Gianluca Iadema

Gianluca Iadema

Un_i[n]verso - multimedia compositions

2022 - 2023
For sound, video, prints and sculptures
5'00" each

The eight multimedia compositions originate from the desire to deepen each individual scene of the main video on audiovisual sculpture. They are original multimedia compositions composed of three or more audiovisual elements, sculptures and prints on different supports (e.g. glass, concrete etc.). The works are designed as deconstructed cinema stage, where the dramaturgy is sculpted through different media. 
The installation is designed to be presented in eight different spaces, each part of a 40’00” experience. Each scene is independent, as if it were a complex organism part of a larger system, in which the conceptual, dramaturgical and formal as well as the technical level intersect at both the micro and macro level. All the works are constructed in such a way that the conceptual, dramaturgical, formal, technical, aesthetic and meta-levels not only interpenetrate but blend together, revealing a truth through experience and metaphor. The narrative does not present any human form, but it is implicit in the story. It is the viewer who is the subject and at the same time the observer of the work. Un_i[n]verso reveals itself not only as an immersive experience due to its technical construction, but also due to the viewer’s position in the story. More specifically, it begins with the landing of an alien form on an imaginary earth that slowly turns from digital to concrete. The design of the entire work becomes the staging of a laboratory of investigation, a stage that is slowly moulded, deconstructed and redesigned to ultimately reveal the contradictions, premises and dark sides of the human. A meta level that rises to Hans Blumenberg’s concept “shipwreck with spectator”, in which man’s attitude towards life and history is reflected: the need for security and the taste for risk, extraneousness and involvement, contemplation and action. The viewer, however, at the end becomes shipwrecked, with alien spectator.