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Gianluca Iadema


un_balanced:[as]symmetria is a project consisting of 3 audiovisual sculptures, incorporating mirrors, video, light, metal sculptures, and concrete. It stems from the idea of exploring the philosophical concept, as well as the physical phenomenon, of reflection.



Audiovisual sculpture


multichannel sound diffusion, mirrors, sculptures, video

Years of creation

in progress

The first of the three installations does not feature any video; instead, it aims to be a perceptual reversal of the idea of balance and how the boundary defined by this word is fragile. The mirrors here almost take on human characteristics, as does the last of the three installations.

The second, instead features two projections literally encased in a trapezoidal box that follows the trajectory of the projections, inside of which smoke also rotates. Two mirrors are placed respectively at the base of one side and the other, with different inclinations.

The mirrors reflect but conceptually absorb any information placed in front of them. The luminous information, in this case the video projected directly onto them, however, is deflected and reflected in the opposite direction, deforming and altering the entire space. These mirrors are punctured at two precise points, holes that respectively take on the shape of the mirror opposite, as if it had been extruded and scaled. Here the light passes through, projecting onto the walls, where two other mirrors of the same shape as the projection have been placed, thus generating a point of second reflection, with the consequent overlap of an additional beam of deviated light.